But first, some more puppy spam!! Okay you guys! Going vegan has definitely been a fun challenge – and I’ve upped my pizza game by needing to make a vegan mozzarella cheese. After experimenting for several days, I’ve finally come up with a pretty good recipe. May I present to you: TOFU-rella! So easy to make,…


When my family left Sentani for the “last” time eight years ago, I never even dreamed it possible that I would ever return – and I have been back 4 times since. God is so good. It is always such an emotional plane ride, when the mountain comes into view and memories flood the mind –…

Puppy Spam

Happy National Puppy Day!   Coming from a crazy-cat-lady, puppies are pretty awesome. and SO ridiculously sweet and cute.     I was super nervous about the whole thing, but the babies are doing awesome: 3 weeks in and the little beasts have moved outside and are eating solid foods. woohoo!        

Work Trip & Burgers

Tertius and I had work meetings on Kri this weekend, and stayed overnight – something we haven’t done since moving off the island: our Papua Diving family blessed us with a beautiful resort room to stay in: We got home to a house full of walking puppies – so much trouble. Here’s an awesome burger recipe I…

Puppies and [cheese]Cake

When life gives you puppies and tofu… Here is the tropical, cheap, bush-version of my baking hero‘s recipe. Rich, cheese-cake like, and completely satisfying. Easy Baked Vegan Tofu&Coconut Milk [cheese]Cake  Serves: 8 (or in our case, 4 really large slices) Ingredients FILLING 3 cubes silky tofu 3/4c santan kelapa (coconut milk) 1 Tbsp cornstarch 1 tsp pure…

keep our sea plastic free – part 2 + Creative Process

Sometimes things don’t go as planned when you wake up super early for bird-watching hikes and your picture ends up a mess due to lack of sleep. Good thing this paint is forgiving and you can just take a big brush full of blue paint and erase your sloppy mistakes. Note to self: sleeping is vital for…

Bird-of-Paradise with Russell Mittermeier

Waking up at 3am to go on a two and a half hour hike to see a little bird display for 5 minutes; was it worth it? YES. A. because the bird was incredibly beautiful and our hide was strategically placed very close to it! This trip has been on my bucket list for a…

keep our sea plastic free

It’s been a productive week! I was asked to create a few pieces of art for an information post on the island village of Arborek, put together by Conservation International and the local tourism department. Bonus: Indonesian President Jokowi may or may not be viewing my art during his visit next weekend! Some art hacks…

Singapore, Sorong, Surf (Part 2)

A group of kids from the village met us on the jetty, their plywood “boogie boards” in hand, and jumped in the water to join T. The next day we tried a new spot, and had a lovely family fishing right in front of me – wonderful photo opportunity! 🙂 🙂  

Singapore, Sorong, Surf (Part 1)

It’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks traveling! Then Tertius met me in Sorong for a quick weekend of wave searching & surfing, rain and all. Such a fun re-union. And it rained.      


You guys! I just launched a quick new portfolio – check it out! I love the sound of that – “Jasmine Kammeyer Illustration.” BOOM  


Mortified Inspired by the development we see here in Raja Ampat, and as an attempt to challenge myself artistically (as well as needing an outlet for my frustrations with some current events) I pooped out a new book – a story in pictures. Enjoy! *Spoiler alert: God wins   [Check out the Behind-the-Scenes video here!)